A Hole in a Treehouse

Tree Abode
Structure: Skydome 2.0 (with sky taken off) with ✤Enchanted Autumn Terrain Texture – Turnip’s Homes
KAZZA ‘The Merchant‘ set for Fantasy Gacha Carnival: ✤Fantasy Abode Tree (ULTRA RARE) , ✤Fantasy Lamp, ✤Fantasy Camp Fire, ✤Fantasy Roast Chicken, ✤Fantasy Cheese Board, ✤Fantasy Mushrooms
Autumn Princess’s Throne – Alouette for Fit for a Princess || Tree Stump Table –Half-Deer || green suitcase books (gacha) – {vespertine} || bookstacks (gacha) – {vespertine} || ✤[a book epiphany] Favourite Place RARE – Kuro
 I’ve always wanted a treehouse when I was kid. Kinda like wanting to turn the family garage into your own apartment when you were a teenager, I suppose. I don’t even know why I had this need, seeing that my brother and I have always had different rooms and so our own personal space. I guess, like many kids my age, you see treehouses on TV and you romanticised the idea of it.

I never did got my treehouse. My father, who is very handy, scoffed at the idea. “Girls shouldn’t climb trees,” was his patriarchal reasoning. “It’s not proper.”

I’ve also always wanted to live in a Hobbit hole.

What’s my point? 😛

Not a point per se, but when I saw this Abode Tree from Kazza for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, I chuckled and thought this was a perfect compromise to my childhood whimsy. It’s a treehouse, but not up a tree and so I shall preserve my ‘properness’. It’s not quite a Hobbit hole either but hey, it is a hole.

I think most of us are familiar with Turnip’s Skydome by now. It’s pretty much the standard skydomes for our virtual world. But did you know there’s a new terrain texture pack out for Autumn?

Turnip's Enchanted Autumn HUD
HUD for Turnip’s Enchanted Autumn Terrain
This is an add-on to the Skydome 2.0. You NEED the Skydome to be able to use this. Get the Skydome from MP here or inworld (where you can also view demo).

I took a picture of my HUD inworld but I don’t think it’s as clear as I want it to be. You can find clearer pics from Turnip Sorbet’s Flickr here. Or better yet, see it inworld…here’s a direct TP to the demo! This is an add-on. To be able to use the HUD, you will need the base Skydome 2.0.

Speaking of which, if anyone reading this is looking for land to rent in a beautiful environment, check this out:

Offbeat Land For Rent

 At time of writing, I believe this land is still available. Turnip owns the Offbeat sim and it’s beautiful, guys. It’s one of my favourite sims since it is home to some of my favourite stores: Turnip’s Homes (well….obviously, right? XD), Half-Deer (the former renter, moving because she is expanding) and Picnic. The boho fashion store So Many Styles and shoemakers FIR & MNA are also in the same sim, so if you have a business you’ll be in good company. Details on Flickr or you can contact Turnip Sorbet inworld about it. 😀

Alrighty, I am sending you on your way now while I enjoy my Friday evening in my treehouse, with a good book and yummy roast chicken! ❤


5 thoughts on “A Hole in a Treehouse

  1. My “bother” in law made an amazing tree house for his girls but they didn’t play in it, so he added air conditioning (it had windows) and made it a kick arse office. I kinda like that, tree houses for adults. Great post Zee! ♡

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