Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys
Bachelor Loft (Dark) – EliBaily @ TMD
Vega Desk Set – Fetch || geeky powerstrip – Second Spaces @ Geeks n Nerds || hanging bottled flowers – [keke] || metal floor lamp – floorplan || ✤6 Locker (graysh blue) – Soy @ Xiasumi Festival || Rolled Paper Rack – PILOT || photo map / new york – floorplan || Stephenson Bookcase – DIGS || ✤expressive rugs – hate this || voxel couch (fabric) – hate this @ Geeks n Nerds || ✤wall decor [increment of hunch] bk – Soy || T-Read Bookshelf (Wall Version) – Consignment || Dewey The Robot (Red) – Alouette || paper spool / bucket list – floorplan & willow || ✤Fishercat – Kuro || Olsen Television Unit – DIGS || Boombox (gacha rare) – Soy 
Oh, how I missed decorating and blogging!

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve all been up to excellent mischief while I toil the week away at work. Work is royally pissing me off right now and I’m glad to have tomorrow off, so I shall jump straight to SL talks. (LOL)

One of the most persistent request I get is to do a guy’s/dude’s/boy’s room. Being a girl (and a tidy one at that, mind!), it’s probably not my strongest suit. I tried to make this room as boyish as I possibly can but I’m not sure the message is coming across. Haha. It’s not messy enough, no?

I know, I know. Stereotyping. I only speak from limited experience. I used to share a room with my little brother when we were kids and you could not find a room so divided. I cannot stand mess and in the end, I got tired of constantly looking at a messy half of the room.

So I kicked my brother out of the room. I packed up his stuff, dumped it into the next room and that was that. XD

It is still one of his favourite story to tell whenever he needs to convince others that I showed a tyrannical tendencies from a young age.

I’m thankful for a brother with good humour, because having an exacting sister like me would have been a pain in the neck.

Since it’s Thanksgiving soon, here’s my list of SL thankfulness:

  • I’m thankful for the friends I made inworld. I never intended to make friends or be social in SL; I was adamant to not replicate my RL noisiness into SL so I can decorate my time away. But it was not to be and for that, I am doubly thankful (LOL)
  • I’m thankful for mesh and I’m thankful for brilliant meshers!
  • I’m thankful for Plurk and for hilarity such as this and this (and that’s only for today!)

But most of all?

I’m thankful for all of you who visits this blog and constantly bearing with my rambles (I’m so sorry, you guys :P). This blog is now over one year old and it is still fun and satisfying for me…and I would be talking to an empty room and showing my pics to no-audience if not for all of you!

So, thank you.

Stay safe and have a happy, grateful and joyous Thanksgiving. ❤


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