Come to The Bay!

-The Bay- Bathhouse (Flyer by Mz Marville)
Picture and flyer by Mz Marville

The Bay

A super short informative post!

If you’re looking for a place to hang out this weekend, why not try The Bay?

The Bay is a new adult destination on the grid. It’s beautiful and this bathhouse has got to be my favourite spot at The Bay right now. My other favourite is the shipwrecked room but since that is the landing point, it gets very busy very quickly. LOL

Check out the beautiful pictures taken by visitors of The Bay here.

At 2pm today, The Bathhouse will be The PARTY Bathhouse where The Bay VIPs will convene and chill out with tunes by DJ DM. While The Bay ground is public access, The Bathhouse is a VIP-only area and you do need to join the group for a small fee of 350L. Joining the group also gives you rezzing privileges, on top of entry to some *cough* secret spots *cough* so it’s definitely and absolutely worth the cost.

OHEYLOOK, there’s also a photography contest!

-The Bay- Photography Contest
Photo by Xanthe!

The Bay Photography Contest: December 1st – 23rd 2014

First Place: 8,000L$ + Gift card courtesy of CerberusXing

Second Place: 3,500L$ + 1/4th sim with 800 prims for 2 weeks

Third Place: 2,500L$ lindens

Details of the contest here!


Need more reason to visit The Bay? (Like, me telling you that you should is not enough? WAT?!?)

I hope to bump into you there, happy exploring!



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