My Own Space

My Own Space
On me: Whimsical Onesie Frog (gacha) – Pixicat @ The Arcade Dec 2014 || Animals – Playful Pup Blonde (gacha)- fashionably dead
Structure: center of universe skyloft.- vespertine
On the ceiling: [Moani] Jar Candle on a string / B – Sway’s ||Uralia & Groddle (the planet lights)- MishMish
On the bed: ✤Trieste Bed – ARIA @ FaMESHed || Laptop Prop & Astronomer’s Study Journal (part of Lykke & Astronomer’s Sets) – DIGS || Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Half-Deer
Left hand side: wanderlust print – floorplan || ✤Chair [Connection dream] – SOY || Aller Stool – Lark || ✤Domino Shelf – Fetch
Right hand side: ✤Star Observer Set (Telescope & Armillary Sphere) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || The Incantanium Novellas Crimson – Consignment || apothecary books – floorplan.&Willow. || Star Map & Star Science Poster – 7 Emporium || Spellbook (Simple) Open – Pixicat || Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) – Lark

Decorating is therapeutic. 😀

I need to wind down this week, and I also don’t have anything interesting to say that has no connection to work. I’m going through that phase in life where I and the people around me really need a life beyond…work. LOL. Hopefully with the Christmas holidays coming soon, we all can let our hair down!

This space is also partly inspired by another blog post. Earlier this week, Caitlin Tobias of Cait’s World plurked this post written by Canary Beck: The Instant IM and Honouring Transition Time in Second Life.

Go ahead, click that link and read it.

You’ll understand. ❤


3 thoughts on “My Own Space

  1. ah! gotcha back..for some reason when someone changes their WP theme my Following cancels! Like your new theme anyways very clean ‘n tidy like

    • \o/ Welcome baaack! I really want to change mine to something less…gray. But I’m not very tech-literate and I’m pretty sure I’ll break everything. LOL

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