Song of a Sewing Machine

Song of a Sewing Machine
Structure: chanson d’automne skyloft – vespertine
Nellie Office Ladder – Second Spaces || Vintage sewing machine – Kuro || Workspace – Inspiration Board (old gacha) – tres blah || Soiree – Pom Poms (gacha) – tres blah @ The Arcade Dec ’14 || Workspace – Sewing Form RARE (old gacha) – tres blah || Dress Form w/ Dress (old gacha) – Apple Fall || ✤Itoguruma [Spinning wheel], Yarn with wooden spool (Gray, blue and white) & Pipe Table (sold separately) – Soy @ Kustom9 || Spool Basic (Rose) – MishMish || Animals – Playful Pup Blonde (gacha) – fashionably dead || [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Huskies – ISPACHI @ The Arcade Dec ’14 || ✤chunky couch. RARE – junk @ The Arcade Dec ’14 || Asian Art – Apple Fall || Sketchbook (old gacha) – Apple Fall || hanging bottled flowers – [keke] || ✤Kerosene heater w/ kettle [Green] – Soy || Mason Jar Candle – Alouette || Leora Hatbox Stool – {what next} || tea cup – simple (part of the tea for 2 collection) – [keke] || Rug (part of ‘His Dressing Room’ set) – Kalopsia

 Song of a Sewing Machine (Constance Woodrow)

Oh, the happiest worker of all am I,
As my wheel and my needle so merrily fly;
With a spool full of thread and a heart full of song,
I am ready and willing to work the day long.
Oh, faster and faster my glad wheel flies
When it catches the light in a young maid’s eyes;
The dearest and tenderest girlhood dreams
I stitch into gossamer hems and seams.
But slower my wheel and softer my song
When fairy-like fragments are guided along —
I am stitching the dreams most sacred of all
Into dear little gowns and a wee silken shawl.


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