Woody Christmas

Woody Christmas
Structure: The Trilby Dacha Mesh Prefab – Scarlet Creative || Outside: Enchanted Woods V2 (Seasons Change) – Studio Skye
✤homespun junk log chair. (gacha) – junk @ The Arcade Dec ’14 || ✤[Christmas bits] Tiny Santa RARE (gacha) – Kuro & Consignment @ The Garden || ✤Gilded Lament Frame – Fetch || Oh Deer (undecorated) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤[Christmas bits] Santa’s key (gacha) – Kuro & Consignment @ The Garden || Giftbox Red & Pink – 22769~[bauwerk] @ NouveauXmas || Christmas Gift Boxes (Set 1) – Alouette @ NouveauXmas|| Giftbox – *ALTAIR* @ NouveauXmas || ✤Sideboard with Fire Wood – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Meredith Curtains (solids) – MudHoney || ✤Gilded Lament – Mirror – Fetch || ✤Gilded Lament Sofa – Fetch || ✤Elden homemade colored plywood tree – ARIA || shine. (string lights) – [*Art Dummy!] (no longer available) || ✤Elden Giftboxes – ARIA || Verna curtain – ARIA || Ilaria Wine Bar – ARIA || ✤Gilded Lament Lamp – Fetch || Christmas Village 2: Snowman 2 (gacha) – PILOT @ The Arcade Dec ’14 || ✤animal rug. – junk

How do lumberjacks celebrate Christmas?

By surrounding themselves with plenty of woods in the woods!

(Should have given you a ‘Dad Joke’ alert. In fact, that’s even worst than most Dad’s Joke).

The ‘lumbersexual’ look is all the rage nowadays. I first saw it on an ad on TV and next thing I know, it’s all over SL. Mesh creators are even making beards add-ons for the discerning lumbersexuals avatars. What’s a lumbersexual, you ask? Well, here! It’s Safe For Work, don’t worry.

Maybe the above is how a lumbersexual decorates for Christmas, eh? With some obligatory colourful stuff that Mrs. Lumbersexual threw around, that he has to put up with. 😛

Christmas is juuuuust around the corner! I’ll take this chance to remind you that NouveauXmas is still on. Discounted giftcards and discounted giftboxes, ready for all your gifting needs. 😀  Details here.

NouveauXmas: Dec 13th, 2104 - Jan 5th, 2015
NouveauXmas 2014: Details here!

Christmas is not complete without giftboxes. Here are the giftboxes I used for this pic today that you can grab to box your transferable gifts in. 😀

Need Giftboxes?
Giftboxes – 22769~[bauwerk] @ NouveauXmas 2014 || Christmas Gift Boxes (Set 1) – Alouette @ NouveauXmas 2014 || Giftbox – *ALTAIR* @ NouveauXmas 2014 || Elden Giftboxes – ARIA

 Things you need to check out this week:

    • Devin Vaughn’s coverage of Christmas Advents in SL: which designer is doing what and when.
    • Two Leaf Technology Mystery Gift Box Script and Server
      • Info
      • Buy inworld or at MP
      • There are many potential uses for this system, but my Cliff Notes version of this system is: no nosy person can right-click and edit to see the contents of a box! 😀 (Now you can play favourites with no dramas, MWAHAHA!)
    • Inspiration Point sim Christmas Hunt.
Inspiration Point Hunt - Final Key
Source: Carolina Sautereau on Flickr
  • ARIA’s 50% Giftcard sale!
Gift card sale
Source: ARIA Flickr

Hope your Christmas preparations is not driving you mad! ❤


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