Peaceful Weekend

Peaceful Weekend
Woods: Woods Patch – inVerse || Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
✤Holden Calla Lily bouquet in a vase – ARIA ||Prototype Radio: Cadence Nouvelle – [ContraptioN] Note: Previous Arcade item, not available inworld for now || Fanmail Stack 2 & 4 – Plethora || ✤Arora Phone – Fetch @ TLC || ✤Agathes Dreamy Armchair – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ OneWord || ✤My DIY Lamp – Soy. @ TMD || paper spool / bucket list – floorplan.&willow. || ✤ropey shelf. blue. – junk || Palmerston Wall Hanging (Tuscan) – {theosophy} || Silvia Standing Art – ARIA || ✤city lights (gacha) – junk || Journal [girly] – PILOT ||Deer Paintbrush Holder – Shabby Chic – +Half-Deer+ || easels+canvas set (including the artistic tray on the floor) – vespertine || Canvas Rack (Painted) – Apple Fall || Rolled Paper Rack – PILOT

Oh weekend, how I love thee!

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going swimmingly well. 🙂

It’s 96F here at the moment and all my energy is pouring out of me in buckets of sweat (I thought you guys needed visualization, mwahaha!). My Man and my dogs have not moved from their spot since this morning. It is THAT hot.

I spent my morning getting dragged along for apartment hunting in this heat. My best friend is on the prowl for a new dig and let me tell you, however much I love her, having a picky best friend gets testy after a while in this tropical heat. Thankfully I was bribed with sodas, an ice-cream, and strawberry yoghurts throughout the ordeal so it’s not too bad.

I think y’all are enjoying my non-rambles posts lately, you have work to thank for that. 😛 Here are some tidbits going on around the grid that I think you should check out:

K guys. Might go hide in the fridge now and hopefully when I come out, it’ll be cooler.

Have a good weekend and stay cool! ❤


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