Amphitrite’s Court

Amphitrite's Court
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Here you are, with an army.


Come without expectations and the Sea will bless you with wealth and prosperity. Come with intent and my court will test you.

You are not the first to try, nor will you be the last.

You have been weighed on the balances and found wanting.

I shall be reasonable.

It is brave of you to come this far, therefore, I will grant you one wish, and one wish only:

Where do you wish your skull be placed, puny Sailor?

Structure: Aurora Elven Arches – Atelier Visconti

Kraken: Octopus Wall Deco (White) – Pixicat (old item, not available as yet)

Seat: ✤Sea Queen Chair – Fetch @ The Fantasy Collective

Skull & books on the seat: The Incantanium Novellas – Consignment

Hanging Skulls: Skulls Souvenirs A & B – aisling (Note: past group gift)

Lantern: Aurora Light – Atelier Visconti

Clutter on the floor: Treasure Chest – The Forge || Seashell (from The Lost Pirate Island Set) – Kalopsia ||  Mathematics Worksheet – 7 Emporium || Failed Photoshop Attempts of Eyes – Consignment || ✤Noor Scale – Tartessos Arts

Clutter on water: Shipwreck & Floating Skeleton (from The Lost Pirate Island Set) – Kalopsia


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