Outpost 9: Biodome

Outpost 9: Biodome
27 January 2042
 Preservation of the samples we salvaged from Earth is going well. We managed to recultivate some of the plant samples we took.We are currently researching reproduction methods of these samples.
We are running out of cacao chews. If this happens, Scientist Zee will be most cranky. To quote her: “the chocolates betta be hya this damn week or AS LAWD IS MY WITNESS, O LAAAWD HELP YE ALL, FOR I AM PISSED!”.
We are yet to find out who this “Lawd” she keeps mentioning, perhaps it is colloquial human language. However, for our safety, please send more at the most SPEEDIEST convenience. 
Over and out.

Biodome: Self-made, see below for details

Structure: ✤Room 2042 – The [Den.] @ uber


  • Rock & Bamboo Garden – Organica
  • Parthenoid Statue – Chariot (previously known as Meta Theodora)
  • Bird Cage – 8f8
  • Aman flowers – G.O.D (Garden of Dreams)
  • ✤Autumn Bonsai – CerberusXing
  • TREE Japanese Maple (Small.Grey Pot) Pink – NeuroLab

Inside, downstairs:

Inside, upstairs:

  • ✤Astrid Elephant Ear plant – ARIA @ uber
  • hexaspots – triple, short – hate this
  • ✤Cindy ball chair – ARIA
  • ✤Cindy book shelf – ARIA
  • Caparra Wall Ivy Center Right – Trompe Loeil

Make the biodome

Simple Biodome

  • Rezz a sphere
  • Resize it to the size you need it for.
  • Hollow it out at 95%
  • Enter your hollowed sphere
  • Face-select only the inside face of the sphere (this way, only the inside has the texture, the outside shell is still a default plank texture).
  • Apply your chosen texture to this inside face. Mine was this one from E&D Engineering, my go to store for Sci-Fi/Industrial textures.
  • Still selecting the inside-face only, adjust the transparency % of that face, so that the sky is visible from inside. Play around with values until you get your desired see-throughness (that’s a word now, ok).



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