Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.

Look How They Shine For You
Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Left to right:
Mini Music II Jukebox – 7 Emporium || 33 1/3 rpm set – Second Spaces || [Infinity] wall decor . Moon&Stars . gold – Sway’s @ Uber, Celestial || Shooting Star Lamp – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Crystal Lamp (Yellow) – Kuro || ✤Raleigh upholstered bench – ARIA @ TMD Feb 2015 || Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) – Lark || Telescope / chrome – [kunst] & Abiss @ Uber, Celestial || The Greatest Gift Wall Art – Wimey || Shelf [star] yellow (with decoration) – Sway’s || ✤arche desk. & chair – junk @ Uber, Celestial || ✤HomeStyle – Wood Box – KAZZA || ✤HomeStyle – Table Globe – KAZZA

Aaaah I miss decorating!

I hope everyone is doing fine. I’ve been up to my eyeballs with things lately and I miss those times when I can just decorate and catch up on all your lovely blogs and pics. Things are slowly slowing down, thank goodness!

How’s your weekend coming? My pantry is now filled with food for the weekend and as I’m typing this, chores are on the go. Sheets changed, house cleaned, laundry and dishwasher on…

I’m planning on doing nothing this weekend but sit on my tooshie, snooze, watch TV and catching up on all your Flickr pics, Plurks, FB posts and blogposts so be prepared for mass liking and commenting from yours truly, haha.

Since we are in the spirit of catching up, let me catch you up with some news \o/

The House Hunt is happening right now! 22 home and garden stores with hidden items in their mainstore, and only for 20L. 😀 Check out that link for prize previews and sometime next week, I’ll be decorating with those items! \o/

SL Mainstore Releases Flickr Group – Shoppers love events, but creators worked hard and spent a lot of time creating a mainstore with the right build and ambiance. It’s a waste not to experience that, so hopefully this group will bring back customers to mainstore. No event-based product ads are allowed til the item is instore, or unless it is a mainstore event (FLF, The Neighbourhood, hunts,etc). We’ll be needing more mods, so if you’re interested, let me know. 😀

Linden Lab’s Photo Booth fun contest…the nutty Strawberry has all the info! (I mean, you could read it at LL’s community page but it won’t be as fun as Berry’s post, mmkay).

Check out Whiskey Monday’s Intrinsic Inventory Project and join in if you are so inclined!

“Choose one item from your inventory that is your most treasured, precious object. It can be anything in inventory, as long as it can be seen in some manner. It can be a skin, a house, a piece of jewelry or a peen- I can even work with notecards or textures. Just choose the one thing that is most precious to you. Then let me take your photo with your treasure. I’ll ask you some questions about your item, and write up a little explanation which will accompany the photo, posted here and at Flickr, and at the end of my time at LEA10, I’ll have a gallery of these images all in one place.”

Are you a content creator looking for more events to launch your brand? Check out Luna Jubilee’s ‘Got Event?’ page!

I noticed that a lot of my sentences today ends with an exclamation mark! I can’t help it, I am that excited to have some downtime after a crazy, crazy January. LOL

I shall now proceed to attempt some inventory cleaning and I bid you a happy, lovely and restful weekend!

Have another exclamation mark! ❤


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