Vintage Love

Vintage Love
Structure: ✤Autumn Retreat – 22769~[Bauwerk}
✤Rich rug – Cosette @ The Countdown Room || ✤leather T chair. sky. – junk @ Kustom9 || ✤Love Shutters – Fetch for The Neighbourhood (14th Feb) || Strung Branch Pendant Light – Apple Fall (not in store yet at time of writing) || ✤vintage camera light. – junk + Apple Fall @ Collabor88 || ✤Violin (Decoration) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || C`est un pipe – Zigana || ✤Vintage Fairground Street Organ – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Metal Lantern – Alouette || 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Cursed Dust) – !Ohmai (old Enchantment prize, no longer available) || Little Haven Portable TV – what next || Mr. Whootletoot Floor Cushion – DIGS || ✤Declan floor lamp – Kuro || Soiree – Pom Poms (gacha) –tres blah || ✤wooden garment rack. – junk + Apple Fall @ Collabor88 || ✤metal him. silver. – junk @ Kustom9 || ✤metal her. silver. – junk @ Kustom 9 || With love pile – Zigana

This picture is filled with things I love. Most are not recent items and some are even no longer available, but hey, even ‘old’ items need loving once in a while.

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I….

…completely forgot about it.

If memory serves me right and I’m not yet senile, The Man and I ever only celebrated Valentine’s Day twice in our 8 year long courtship. He was usually away during Valentine’s Day and adjusting his schedule so he can be home for my birthday in March usually means having to be away when Valentine’s Day roll around.

How do you even Valentine? I think we need to learn that, hahaha.

I know V-Day triggers some very unpleasant thoughts in some people. Allow me to STRONGLY remind you that this day is nothing but a commercial and marketing stunt. I know you’ve heard that way too many times and that will not assuage any negative feelings you have about the day, but I’ll finish this post today with a quote that I love soooo much from Chandni of Hopscotch:

To all who say they have no valentine. You do. Get up.. walk to your bathroom and look into the mirror. Do yourself something good, spoil yourself and love yourself ❤ – Chandni on Plurk

I thought that was just so sweet and precious, and something we need to remind ourselves of, V-Day or not. ❤

After all, who knows you better than yourself, right?

Have a lovely weekend, all my loves. ❤


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