Globetrotting Bohemian

Globetrotting Bohemian
Outside: Cliff screen – inVerse || Line Breeze – 14 Palms in line – KAZZA 
Structure: Palm House Penta – Tiki Tattoo
Left to right: Larkin Set – Hanging Chair – PILOT || ✤traveller’s bookshelf – [hate this] || ✤Willa Tapestry – ARIA @ uber || ✤Globetrotter Trunk Desk & Chair – 22769~[bauwerk] || ✤Rush Set – Fetch|| ✤Slat Table – Fetch || Sunday Planters – Willow Home || Design Books – Apple Fall || Willa Woven Rug – ARIA @ uber || ✤(Un)packing – Kuro || ✤feather mobile. – junk @ uber || ✤Willa low bed – ARIA @ uber || Bird Cage – 8f8 || hanging bottled flowers – pink 1 – keke || Orchids (Natural Pink) – Kalopsia || ✤large lantern. gold. – junk @ uber || ✤Willa bedside table – ARIA @ uber

Events this month are quite fabulous, if I may say so! It’s Boho theme over at ~uber this month and the challenge for The Challenge is Globetrotting…oh, be still my heart! Not to mention The Arcade Gacha is on, one I have yet to visit due to the hecticness this month.

Goodness…can you believe it’s March 2015 already? Where did January and February go? What did I do? I barely felt it. 😮

I love bohemia. However, I don’t think I can ‘boho’ successfully in RL. I’m too much of an uptight control freak for a life of unabashed leisure and coke and rum all day. I like rules and I like my days ordered and organized. Spontaneity? What is that evil beast!

But I sure can dream, right?

I’ll have a bong though.

(I’m kidding. I don’t smoke. Nor do I know what *cough* a bong is *coughcoughsplutters*. Calm down, Mum and Dad!)

I would love to ramble, but I have writer’s block this week! At time of writing, I wish for nothing more than to go to bed.

So I’ll just leave you with 2 reminders:

  • uber’s theme this round is boho, see the catalog here. Plenty of lovelies for the pixel hippies in us!
  • The Challenge theme this round is Globetrotter. It’s a mainstore event so you TP to each store to get the goods but be quick! They’re only on discount for one week. View the catalog here.

Have a good rest of the week ❤


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