Twilight Garden

Twilight Garden
Floating Island – The Domineaux Effect [or MP]
✤Garden Atelier – 22769~[bauwerk] for The Challenge || Garden Tree08 with Lights – HPMD || Modular Road&Stones – inVerse [or MP] || Fancy Gazebo (from Wednesday Afternoon Set) – Kalopsia || ✤Eva dining table set – ARIA

Hello naughtylings! 😀

How are y’all? Looking forward the long Easter weekend? Anything good planned? How about some good ol retail therapy?

There’s a new round for The Challenge! The theme this month is Atelier/Studio/Workshop, so you artsy fartsy lot out there should definitely check out this month’s catalog and deck out your little piece of workshop.

For this round, Bauwerk made a charming Garden Atelier. I had to chuckle at the window panes. See if you can figure out why. 😀

I debated filling up the scene with plants, but I’m currently recovering from the frustration of my RL garden. Autumn is approaching my side of the world. This week has been a rainy week and my lovely sunflowers decided life is not worth living without the sun shining so infrequently.

How selfish of them!

I also had two thriving tomato bush. HAD. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was the wind and the rain. Maybe my dogs suddenly adopted a more healthy, tomato-filled diet. Long story short, I no longer have tomatoes. Just a sad, scraggly bush.

Oh well. Like every year, I shall try again come summer. And like every year, I will conveniently I forget that I have no green thumb.

But you know what they say: it’s better to have planted and watch it wilt away, then not have planted at all.

And by ‘they’, I meant me.

Because I am all the ‘they’ you need, baby.

Have a lovely Easter! ❤


4 thoughts on “Twilight Garden

  1. I keep two container plants with tomatoes in them usually a typical red type and the other something heritage like chocolate tomato or cherokee, more for their beauty than an urge to eat them. Though both are very good. Or let’s put it this way, WOULD be very good… the past 7 years Katy my jack Russell terrior-ist has decided tomatos is the way to go. Everyone I let her out on the porch she helps herself –.– so now I grow tomatoes for the dee-oh-gee and buy mine at the store. 😕

    • LOOOOL Bless Katy, hahahahaha! I love her already!

      My dogs never showed any interest when it comes to the tomatoes. I guess they were lulling me into a false sense of security. It is really frustrating; I had a thriving bunch!

      Maybe next summer I’ll have one pot for dogs, and the rest for me. LOL

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