The Artiste Atelier

Artiste Atelier
Tidier credits in Flickr version
Structure: Paris Loft Skybox RARE (old gacha) – Apple Fall
✤Tall planter (pink) – Kuro || ✤Lily Bouquet – ARIA & The Loft @ uber || Recycled Bed (Beige) – Kalopsia || ✤From Devon Set – Swing Arm Scone, Devon Mirror, Book pile & glasses, “Look at the Pretty Bird” print and “Passion Flower” printARIA & The Loft @ uber || ✤festival pendant lights. – junk @ uber || ✤Spring Prints – Fetch || ✤Reed organ [Darkbrown] – Soy @ Xiasumi School Festival || Silvia standing art – ARIA || glass vase w magnolias – pink – keke @ Shiny Shabby || ✤artiste’s workbench and stool – [hate this] || peonies – red – keke @ Shiny Shabby || Apple Fall Design Books – Apple Fall || Laptop Prop (from Lykke & Astronomer’s Sets) – DIGS || Workspace – Sewing Form RARE – tres blah || ✤Ophelia rug (texture change) – ARIA

Note: If the credits above looks confusing, the tidier version is available in Flickr here.

Hello lovelies!

Weeekeeeeeeend! 😀 What is everyone up to this weekend? SL retail therapy, I suppose?

It’s 11.31pm as I start writing this, and I just finished something in the nick of time. I’m a bit pissed off with myself. My vision of my Saturday is doing as little as possible. Maybe read a bit.

Of course that didn’t happen. I mean, you should know me by now. 😀

I would like to thank procrastination.

If I didn’t procrastinate often, I imagine my stress level will significantly reduce. XD The mesh was done weeks earlier and I had all Easter holidays to texture. But I was too busy using my Easter holidays to fail spectacularly at gardening and do a bit of SL decorating. Because I’m cool like that.

Oh, how you must envy my adventurous no-life. XD

There was also the matter of celebration and chocolate eating and food coma and overall the noisiness of extended families. They love asking us “so, when are you guys popping out kids?” at gatherings like this. I wish they knew that they’re not making such compelling case when they ask this while they’re peeling squabbling kids off each other. At least when I tell my dogs “SIT!”, they do so immediately and without questions.

Besides, there’s no sleeping in when you have kids! For at least 15 years. Then you can sleep in as much as you want because good luck trying to get your teenager out of their One Direction Shrine room.

Tomorrow however, I shall try my best to stay in bed. Failing that, I vow to move as little as possible from one spot. Preferably with my bum glued to the comfy couch, and with a book or two. I hauled a huge bag of 50 cents second hand books from the op-shop on Friday and I’m looking forward to getting lost amongst pages. 😀

Alrighty, bedtime, my lovelies. Here’s me wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. ❤


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