Not Quite the Sea Shanty

Not Quite the Sea Shanty
Structure: ✤PackUP Home – The [Den] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Trojan Horse Fragment – Apple Fall || Old Box – Kalopsia || Diving Helmets – Kalopsia || “The Tube” Beer Tap – Weissbier – 11th Hour || ✤Mandala Canvas 2R-7 – Zanzibar creationZ || ✤It’s rock n roll time! – Kuro || porthole frame / blue-ringed octopus – SigFig || ✤Vintage Gamer Set – Fetch || geeky powerstrip with cords – Second Spaces || ✤Vintage Amplifier & Vintage Microphone – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Daisy Bubble Chair – ARIA || ✤Tripod Floor Lamp – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Nolan Painted Foosball Table – Cheeky Pea || Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil || Telescope/chrome – [ kunst ] & Abiss || Arch Sofa – Consignment || Wire Crate – 7 Emporium || Books (in the wire crate) – Apple Fall || Ace Table – Breno || RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard – 7 Emporium || ✤round boho rug. turquoise – junk || ✤Color me Cat – Magazines Stack – Black Tulip

Hello errbadeh! On a scale of 1 to DUUUUUDEEE, how gnarly do you feel today? 😛

(No particular reason for that sentence, I’m just in a beachy-surfy-dudebro mood)

You guys need to check out this packup home, it’s such a novelty to me, haha. The PackUp home from The [Den] really do pack up! Like so:

PackUP Home - The [Den.]
Source: Mike Denneny / The [Den] Flickr
At that size and only 18Li, It’s a perfect home if you have a 512 plot. The PackUp Home is available at The Liaison Collaborative event for this month, up til the 1st of May.

My pics are darker nowadays, huh? I’m facing a slight midlife crisis at the moment and I’ve been yo-yoing between complete euphoria and madhopping rage. 30 is legit midlife, ok! I guess it’s time for me to book in for a Botox spa or some such.

I’ll snap out of it as soon as I finish sulking this week, so hopefully my next set of pics will be brighter than this. 😀

Back to my sulking, but I hope you guys are all cheery and well. ❤


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