Weekend Cabin In The Woods

Weekend Cabin In The Woods
Enchanted Woods v2 – Studio Skye || The Dreaming House – Trompe Loeil ||✤April Showers Curtain – Multi color – Fetch ||✤ Thea sectional sofa – ARIA @ FaMESHed || ✤Thea coffee table – ARIA @ FaMESHed || ✤Thea stone bowl with apples – ARIA @ FaMESHed || ✤Decorative basket (green) – Kuro || Old Box (Red) – Kalopsia || Radio (from Flynn’s Corner collection) – Standby Inc (store in hiatus). || Journal [girly] – PILOT || tabletop forest – spring/summer – Second Spaces || ✤Piper two cushion pile – ARIA || ✤Blair decorative cushion – ARIA || decorative magazine n.01 – pile – mijn home || Bird Cage Candle Holder – Alouette || Terrarium Pot (Short) – Kalopsia
Butterfly brushes from here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/FantasyButterflys-50277540

Helloooooo lovelies! I’ve missed decorating so much! The last time I decorated and blogged was….May 3rd. WOAH.

No wonder I was going nuts. Also, why is time moving so quickly? Someone, fix this!

A bit rusty, while I get back to the groove of things. The combination of viewer problems and Flickr misbehaving was making my SLife so much harder. Oh, and work. But let’s not talk about that. I’m sure I’ve bore some of you about it in Plurk this week. I vow to not talk about work the rest of this month.

What is work, even. It does not exist. No sir.

This is another week where I don’t ramble much. I don’t remember staying awake for long this weekend. The inahbitant of this house — human and canines alike — have slept most of yesterday and today. And yet we’re still tired!

I’m half awake writing this and I’m looking forward to bed.

Subsequent post won’t take so long to produce, and won’t be so quiet!

Enjoy your weekend ❤


5 thoughts on “Weekend Cabin In The Woods

  1. lovely image.I’d love to have one of those in my RL! A lot of what is created imaginatively in SL is inspiring! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I’m a rather sporadic visitor to SL these days though I am showing my photography at a gallery there and at another next month. (most of my stuff is here https://cybeleshineblog.wordpress.com/ ! (she says shamelessly promoting herself! ) 🙂

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