That Lazy, Lazy River in the Noonday Sun

That Lazy, Lazy River in the Noonday Sun
Cliff Screen – Inverse || ✤ Self Made Bridge – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Fantasy Collective || Hanging Fish Rack & Pile of Fish – Dysfunctional Designs || A Fishing Getaway-Fly fishing case – Breno (old arcade gacha item) || Garden Tree 08 with Lights – HPMD || boardwalk : ivory : straight – alirium || ✤ Stones House – Kalopsia || ✤ Dolce Vita Scooter – Kalopsia || ✤ Artist Bungalow – Fetch || Polka dot curtain – INK || ✤ Sun chair (red) and (yellow) – Kuro || ✤ Shed 1 – Stencil – Teal – Kalopsia || ✤ Glass Fishing Float (blue) & Crate w/ Glass Fishing Floats – Soy || River Erosion (rocky) – Organica

So, before you spot it and call me out on it, I’ll say yes, I see the mistake in this pic. And by God, I shall use it as a topic of discussion, because that’s how we roll around here. (I could also potentially go and fix it but shhhh, it’s Sunday!) Surely there are many *coughs* mistakes in this pic, but there is one glaring one and I’m not saying which!

I only saw it while I’m writing this post so…it’s too late to back out now.

Soooo, Sunday is upon us, yaaasssss. Bored and need things to do SL-wise on a Sunday? Here’s my list!

10 things to do on a lazy, breezy Sunday

  1. Test out Bright Canopy for 2 hours, free- Bright Canopy is a web browser-based viewer for SL. Billy tried it yesterday and he is impressed with it, so that’s something! You need to sign up for an invite, though. Details here.
  2. Check out Lazy Sunday list. You can join their inworld group here to get the weekly list, or you can keep an eye on Seraphim’s coverage for Lazy Sunday. The preview is not out on Seraphim yet since it’s not Sunday that side of the world, but the NC is already distributed in the group.
  3. Take up mesh with Blender: Kinda against the ‘lazy sunday’ concept, but since I’ve been parroting this info out all week…I might as well post it here too. If you’re interested, a good place to start is any tutorial by Andrew Price (from BlenderGuru) or Johnathan Williamson (Blender Cookie). These two are my favourite tutors! You can also hire Cyclic Gearz for a one-on-one tutorial. Here’s a recording of her shoemaking skillz (note: not a tutorial!). If you’re serious about meshing and willing to pay, here’s her Blender lesson details!
  4. Take up mesh with Maya: I’m a Blender kind of girl, so I hardly ever look for a Maya tutorial. But, I actually started out with Maya, when meshmaker extraordinaire Juno Mantel dragged me to the CreateMesh lessons. The lesson packs are available inworld and split into three stages: beginners, architecture and clothing. It costs 10k for the beginners and 20k each for architecture and clothing, but I feel it’s worth it. Previews are available in YouTube, here.
  5. Go premium! Premium members now get 60 group slots. Handy if you’re a blogger and designer and you need to join all those event and blogger groups.
  6. And with premium membership, you get your choice of a Linden House. Now, my review is that Linden Houses are…erm, not very nice. But if you opt not to get a Linden Home, you’re still entitled to a 512m2 plot of land (117 prims) for free! With mesh, you can do a lot with 117 prims.
  7. Speaking of Linden Homes…Devin Vaughn and I were asked to do a segment about decorating a Linden Home for under a budget for Prim Perfect, sparked by Anya Ohmai’s adventure in furnishing her own Linden Home. We both chose to do the Japan home. The issue is now out, so check out how we did it. Ours is on page 67-71. 😀
  8. And speaking of Japanese home, if you’re decking out a Japanese interior, check out this round of The Challenge: Asia! Newly released items according to Asian theme, and discounted for one week only!
  9. Arcade is open tomorrow, MY BADDEH IS NOT READDEH! You too can lose the ability to can, by looking at the Arcade’s Catalog for this round. Clutch that purse, baby, and clutch is good.
  10. If you’re not in the mood for a game of chance, then may I interest you in a wine-and-dine activity? Multicultural Menu will open tomorrow, and I suggest you don’t attend this event on an empty stomach….or even an empty pantry! I helped decorated The Horror!’s and Soul Mates’ booth at the Asian section, so make sure you stop by for a snack…or ten! 😀

Have a lovely weekend ❤


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