Too much stuff to fit in this little box, so credits in the main post ❤

It’s been a stressful few days, inner-peace speaking. I’m just clawing for a bit of peace and a modicum of control over my own thoughts. I’ve been battling with decisions about RL work and it’s both scary and overwhelming.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha

I’m taking your advice then, Bodhisattva. So today I’m refusing to think of the past or the future, and concentrate on me and now.

Decorating is definitely my nirvana.

I feel a lot better now.

The day is still not over, so I’m still refusing to tackle the pending issue.

There’s still tomorrow, eh?

The big stuff
Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative
Enchanted Woods v2 -Skye Studio

The Bookshelf
– ✤Aja’s Bookshelf – Vagabond , and in and around the shelf:
– ✤Buddha Head Porcelain – 22769~[bauwerk]
– Oolong Teacup Planter Moth Orchid- Cerise (old gacha) – ARIA
– #11 Antique telephone (old gacha)- Zaara [home]
– #3 Silver jewelry Box (old gacha) – Zaara [home]
– PenHolder PaintBrush – PLAAKA
– Paintbrush Holder – Shabby Chic – Half-Deer
– Row of Books – {what next}
– Arch Papers in baskets – Consignment
– Design Books – Apple Fall
– Tarot Music Box – ‘The Fool’ – !Ohmai
– ✤Razi Dream Art – Fetch
– Old Metal Trunk – Soy @ The Arcade June 2015
– Playful Pup Blonde (old gacha) – fashionably dead
– ✤Cherry Blossom Bird Cage – 22769~[bauwerk]

On the wall
– ✤Fishercat – Kuro
– butterfly diagram print – floorplan
– ✤Deva hanging tapestry – ARIA @ uber
– ✤Razi Mirror (the one in the middle)- Fetch
– ✤Gilded Lament Mirror – Fetch
– diy color swatch board – vespertine
– ✤Hanging Coconut Bowl with Cactus – Soy @ The Arcade, June 2015

Seating Area
– ✤Signe sectional sofa – ARIA @ FaMESHed, and on and around the sofa:
– Bletchley Typewriter_Red – Eli Baily
– pride & prejudice manuscript – floorplan
– Journal [girly] – PILOT
– caged wisdom – floorplan
– Cat – 11 Sitting (old gacha) – fashionably dead

Window area
– ✤ Our Secret Camp -Toran (that’s the hanging bit on the window sill) – Soy @ The Arcade June 2015
– 18 Rajastani wall hanging *elephant* (old gacha)- Zaara [home]
– ✤Old Radio LP player – Soy @ The Arcade June 2015which is sitting on top of:
– Trunk table *truck art* (old gacha)- Zaara [home], and on top of the radio are…
– ✤Signe potted narcissus papyraceus – ARIA @ FaMESHed
– Carriage Clock (od gacha) – Apple Fall


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