The Multicultural Menu Part 1: Itadakimasu!

The food & drinks
✤ Eggtarts – Soul Mates @ Multicultural Menu (Direct TP) || ✤ Jelly-Fishy Rainbow Eaten RARE (gacha) – Soul Mates @ Multicultural Menu (Direct TP) || Orchids (Natural Pink) – Kalopsia || ✤ Balut – Soul Mates @ Multicultural Menu (Direct TP) || ✤ Babal Tea Blueberry (from Regular Pack) & Ugh (from Bubblegoth Pack) – The Horror! @ Multicultural Menu (Direct TP) || ✤ Tortoise Cakes – Soul Mates @ Multicultural Menu (Direct TP)
Everything else
Lighted Fence -Rainbow – A.D.D Andel || ✤ Log table – Kuro || ✤ Anciant map scroll with sealing wax (6 maps texture change) – LDG || ✤Zen Stones & Cherry Blossom from My Zen Cornet set – 22769~[bauwerk]

Pssst! Not in the mood for reading? Skip the babble and go straight to The Multicultural Menu Part 2: Direct TPs.

If there is one thing I miss about my homeland, it’s definitely the food.

Eating might as well be Malaysia’s national sport. In fact, a normal Malaysian greeting is not ‘Good morning!‘ or ‘hello!‘, it’s ‘have you eaten?‘ XD

Food stalls and food courts are usually open 24 hours. And it’s not just the fast food places, people, I’m talking proper eating establishments here! Feeling peckish at 2am? No problem!

And then I migrated to the Land Down Under and everything shuts at 5pm. *sobs into my pitiful cheeseburger*

I sobbed even more into my westernized food when I saw one of the item Soul Mates made for The Multicultural Menu event.

The pixel version of one of my favourite snack back home!!!!!

Soul Mates Tortoise Cakes Set AdThis, dear readers, could have easily bought my loyalty once upon a time.

Back home, we call ‘ang ku’. The sweet bean filling is to die for. Grandma used to serve this for after-school afternoon tea. It is time consuming to make and because it was oily, we kids were only given 2 ang ku–tops.

(I shrunk the cakes down for this pic but in RL, one ang ku is the size of your palm. So 2 is more than enough for wee little kids! :D).

Here’s a quick economic lesson: this imposed scarcity quickly made ang ku a precious commodity amongst us grandkids. So much so, it turned itself into our household currency.

If you want another cousin to do something that you yourself were supposed t do, you’ll be paying this cousin with your quota of ang kus for the day.

Need an hour of math tutoring? That’ll be 2 ang ku, thank you. Oh, you mean you need me to do ALL your homework? Well then, I guess all your quota for this month and the next is now mine.

You can even chuck in your ang ku quota as betting chips!

Now, before I go to far into my childhood food flashback (*wails unto the keyboard*), let me tell you where to get your own bargaining chips. To avoid clutter, it is in a separate post:

The Multicultural Menu Part 2: Direct TPs


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