The Multicultural Menu Part 2: Direct TPs

Continue from Part 1!

The Multicultural Menu event is a new annual event focusing on food and nothing but the food.

The event is split into 6 different ‘menus’, each color-coded for your convenience. The front stalls (marked as 1 & 2) are sponsors for the region. I’ve heard several people saying that the layout is confusing at so like the proper Malaysian I am, I’m going to tell you when it comes to pixel food, you should never give up!

Multicultural Menu Event Layout
The Multicultural Menu Event Layout
1st – 22nd June

So here’s my guide to make sure you get your fill. I’ll start from the top and we will be going clockwise. The best thing is that the event has no set landing (at time of writing anyway), so you can just TP directly to the booths with this handy, dandy guide.

Because when it comes to food, I spoil you.

And I spoil you good, baby.

Direct TP

European Menu Chefs – Purple (Sponsored by 22769~[Bauwerk]

Mediterranean Menu – Olive (Sponsored by Black Tulip

Asian Menu – Red/maroon (Sponsored by Soul Mates and Unrepentant)

South Pacific Menu – Blue (Sponsored by Lark and Distorted Dreams)

South American Menu – Green (Sponsored by Lost Junction and O.M.E.N)

North American Menu – Silver (Sponsored by Fetch and Free Bird


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