Gods and Monsters: Same Thing, Different Name

Gods and Monsters: Same Thing, Different Names
Location: The Wastelands – post-apoc RP sim
More info about The Wastelands

No such thing as ‘god’ or ‘monster’.

Just the same being in a different state.

Benevolent, and we call them Gods.

Malevolent, and we call them Monsters.

Yet, as primitive as we are, it becomes necessary to fool ourselves into thinking these are not one and the same. Otherwise, why bother to even live?

Live on.

The realm of ‘gods’ and ‘monsters’…it is not indestructible.


Didja hear?

There’s a new picture challenge on the grid called “A Thousand Words…”. This exciting challenge is organized by Billy  Dollinger and Skye Donardson and the first theme is “Gods and Monsters”.

How it works is each week they pick a theme from a submitted pool. Then we all scatter all over the grid interpreting the theme in pictures before the next one is announced. No stress, everybody wins and no more excuse about “I don’t have any inspiration!”

I was concerned about the ‘thousand words’ bit because, while I’m happy to ramble on, this baby don’t ramble on theme or on command for upwards a thousand words. Thankfully, it was a reference to ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ so yay!

More info on the blog here and join the Flickr pool here.

Pic was taken at The Wastelands, a post-apoc RP sim. TP to The Wastelands or check out more info about The Wastelands.

Alrighteh, now your turn! ❤


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