Weekend Daze

Weekend Daze
Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative || Surround: Enchanted Forest V2 – Studio Skye
this and that wall – Zigana || Magon Art Collection – PILOT || ✤Nerine Decorative Surfboard Pair – ARIA @ uber || flottante puppy – anc @ c88 || Ruffled Rug (old gacha item) – Apple Fall || ✤Pearl’s Mobile – Vagabond @ C88|| Dellinger Desk – PILOT || Arch Papers in baskets – Consignment || Dwight Pictures – DIGS || FLF bookshelves – Zigana || pattern trinket boxes set – vespertine || ✤calipers & papers. – junk

It’s finally weekend and I’m a happy camper. ♥

Quick math: If you have a half-deer and you divide it by half…what do you get?

An awesome sale!

+Half-Deer+ Birthday Sale!
Source: Halogen Magic / Half-Deer Flickr

The math just works, ok? If you like cute homestuff and accessories, you should run to Half-Deer inworld now!

It’s midnight and you have some shopping to do so let me wrap this up quickly. This nook is a continuation from this pic which you can find in this post.

Apart from the surfboard (Aria @ uber), hound (anc @ C88) and mobile (kalopsia @ C88), all are old releases. Some even 2 years old or older. Show some love to the old items in your inventory while you wait for current events to slow down on the traffic. 😀

Have a lovely weekend, my lovelies. ♥



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