Catching Up

Catching Up
Scene: Cobblestone Path – Jian || Enchanted Woods v2 – Studio Skye || Garden Tree06 – brown(g) c – HPMD || Down on the Ranch – Stone Wall Fence Wide – Jian || Fallen Tree Bridge – Dysfunctional Designs
Structure: My Daydream Garden Shed – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Decor, left to right: [Moani] Jar Candle on a string with post – Sway’s || [Martha] Hay bale seat with blanket – Sway’s || Birdy Home Petunia Planter – Jian || [Halloween] Jar with candle – Sway’s || Painted Jar – Orange – Kalopsia || Thea sectional sofa – ARIA || Ayahuasca Arrangement – Cube Republic || cotton ball lights/neon – vespertine || Bookworm Coffee Table – Consignment || Autumn Pumpkins – 22769~[bauwerk] || Standing Cart, Supplies Barrel & Damaged Cart – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Wood Horse Head Statue – Kalopsia

Long time no ramble, I hope everyone has been on their best behavior!

Finding time to “SL just because of SL” is increasingly difficult nowadays! I’m behind on many things. When I finally get the time to check out Seraphim or Eloquence, I am shocked at how much I’m missing.

I feel like I’m also getting rustier. There are some mistakes in this pic which I will not point out if you didn’t notice. 😛

Anyhoo! I may or may not have went a bit nuts on the shopping today. I spent Saturday morning just TP-ing everywhere to check out what people have been getting up to. Also spent some time exploring my new favourite store, Jian.

Jian is not so new. It’s a mesh collaboration between Kalia Firelyte (formerly of Dysfunctional Designs) and Gretchen (formerly of Fetch).  I picked up their cobblestone path and stone wall, both conveniently texture changeable. I love that. I don’t fancy 8 different items in my inventory sporting different color variations. I’d much rather have one thing with texture change (and mod please, so I can delete script like a good SLitizen). Even better if the texture change are seasonal-based too, like the cobblestone path.

And Jian has recently implemented a universal HUD for their products too. I love this idea!

In hindsight, should have taken this on a less-bright-white background. It’s now giving me trauma flashback about shopping in another famous all-white, super complicated store.

One HUD to change them all, one HUD to bind them!

I think this is a great idea, especially if you own a whole sim.

So far, I only have the cobblestone path that is compatible with the foliage script. I tried it with the stone wall but I believe the wall was released before the Jian Foliage system (might be wrong, I’m so behind things nowadays).

Anyway, this cobblestone path was released for 25L Tuesday just this week, so I daresay that coming Jian landscaping products will be Jian Foliage compatible.

Sidenote: I did change the ground texture for the Jian cobblestone in the pic above to the one I already have, to match my Studio Skye ground texture.


Enough rambling, time to visit all of you on your Flickr and your blogs.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. ❤


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