Oh, the sweltering summer!


Oh, the sweltering summer!
Garden Tree08 with Lights – HPMD || ✤Canopy & Daybed (from Secret Garden Daybed Set) – Kalopsia || ✤Hanging Chair (from World Market Set) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤Surfer’s Chair (gacha, from Shabby Seaside Gacha set) – ChiMia @ The Gacha Garden || Astronomer’s Study Journal & Newton’s Cradle (from Lykke & Astronomer’s Set) – DIGS | |Telescope / rusty – [kunst] & Abiss || green suitcase books (old gacha) – vespertine || bookstacks (old gacha) – vespertine || Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) – Lark || Orchid – Cube Republic || Aman flower – G.O.D || Hardy Geraniums – Cube Republic || Inara Lamp – Lark || hot air balloon tealight – tarte

**Note: Lark’s inworld store is currently under construction**

Sometimes I wished I could rezz scenes like this in RL.

I love summer. I really do.

Nothing beats wearing next to nothing on a warm summer day. I don’t like bulking up in winter – the ‘layered fashion’ isn’t very kind on a human being that is a mere 5ft tall. We look like waddling penguins in a potato sack.

I mean, I love penguins. But I draw the line on looking like one.

The blooms in summer, oh, wonderful! And all the fresh veggies I’ve managed not to butcher this season around. It’s great.

And then there’s SUMMER.

You know, the kind where humidity chokes you? The kind that makes you sweat every 3 steps? The kind that nakedness don’t heal? The kind that makes you cower in an air-conditioned room? The kind where you contemplate being a career alcoholic because you’re sure that you can drink Long Island Ice Teas your way through summer?

The kind where you strategize your icecream consumption, calculating the time it takes to take it out of the freezer unwrapping it and devour it before it melts?

Heck, the kind that makes you not want to eat or drink because then you’ll have bodily functions and no way in hell would you want to step into an un-air-conditioned toilet?

Would it be very First Worldian of me to want my toilet airconditioned? 😦

An outdoor bed, a breezy day, a good book and a very HUGE jar of Mai Tai would be really good right about now…Mmmm….

Stay cool! ❤


5 thoughts on “Oh, the sweltering summer!

  1. Being from Australia and Adelaide in particular where we get weeks of over 40C sometimes, I have to say I prefer the in-between seasons, Autumn and Spring are great, Winter and Summer are both horrible! I either want to peel my skin off to cool down, or I can’t find enough clothes to keep warm haha. I hear you on the air conditioned toilet! There’s nothing worse than having your legs stick to the seat because of the heat!!!

    Awesome picture and post!

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