Country Nook


Country Nook
Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative
Left to right:
Grandfathers Clock Shelf – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]||Nellie Office Ladder – Second Spaces||Rustic Wall Shelf – Blonde – Willow Home||iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall||Mason Jars & Notepad – Sari-Sari||wall desk. wood. – junk||Surfer’s Chair (gacha) – ChiMia||Pile of Stuff – HIDEKI||Pearl’s Birdie Cage – Vagabond||Sun Flowers in Milk Can – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]||Memory Chair (costumizable Pictures) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]||tea tin – patience – [ keke ]||tea tin – courage – [ keke ]||tea tin – vitality – [ keke ]
In the background
Fiona Greenhouse – Trompe Loeil

Hello! Long time no see!

So, several things in no particular order and not necessarily related to this pic:

  1. I’ve run out of ability to name my photos and blog titles.
  2. It also sucks that I used to have a lot of things to say in posts…and now life is both hectic AND monotonous that I don’t have anything interesting to say.
  3. Work didn’t slow down in both worlds. RIP real me and virtual me.
  4. None of the items here are new or at events, so yay.
  5. This pic is not new either – I took it several months ago as this is the decor/landscaping for my SL twin…and then see #2 and #3.
  6. I bought my first ever sewing machine last weekend, much to my Mother’s amusement. I’m a shoo in for prime spot in a retirement center, I think.
  7. Which might not be a bad thing because the last retirement center I visited (as a guest ok, not as a prospective!) looked like a nice place. Gym, pool, game room, cafe…they’re living it up!
  8. Speaking of which, I’m already planning all the things I will sew for my 63 grandkids. Context: I’m 31 and I have no kids of my own…nor do I desire any. So I’m not sure how I will go about having 63 grandkids but hey, planning is the essence, no?
  9. It’s cold. I do not like winter. (It’s that season my side of the world)
  10. I have no point #10, I just didn’t want to end at 9. Actually, not that I had any point from 1-9.


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