Ehmagerd CAKE!

I’m Zee and I love chocolate cake.

I’m an avatar in the Second Life metaverse. I’m also quite bad at writing an ‘About’, so bear with me.

Little Boat

I’m in my late 20s. Writing that just gave me a heart attack and complex about growing old.

I’m an SL nester. Architecture, home and garden is the main focus of my SL-journey and this blog. I spend a lot of L$ and time fixing up and decorating my home and my little private land. I would wear the same outfit til kingdom comes, but to to date, I have collected nearly 30+ prefabs this is added weekly, I don’t even count anymore.

A potrait for Mrs. E. Knightley

I write as I speak. And despite being in the Land Down Under for nearly a decade now, English is actually my second language. Plus, we all know Auslish is not standard English, right? Therefore, grammatically incorrect sentences and strange syntax will most likely be part of your reading experience when you’re reading this blog.

Otterly cute

I try my best to mind my grammar at all times in consideration for the wellbeing of grammar-nazis everywhere, but occassional error here and there is something that I hope you can live with.

And I totally just ended the previous sentence with a preposition and promptly began this sentence with a conjunction.

We want YOU
Now tell me about YOU!

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