Blogs I ❤

This is constantly under construction, and is not a reciprocal-linkage page. These are the people I read regularly and they don’t necessarily link to me, or even know I exist. Like how George Clooney have no idea we are actually man and wife. YAP.

The YodasI’m the Padawan and these are my Yodas. Did I embarrassed you with my geekery? These are the people with amazing talents, whose blogs/flickr I observe and learn from.

Strawberry Singh
Inara Pey – Living in a Modemworld
Harlow Heslop
Moos Hulcrantz (Flickr)
Editorial Clarity
(K) Battle Scars
Neva – How Neva Sees It
Annan Adored
The Wandering Faun
Whiskey Monday

The LoversThose unfortunate enough to deal with me regularly inworld XD

Beauty (Flickr)
My Virtual Fashion in SL (Melinda Palianta)
Xantheanne’s 2nd Life
The Greatest Love (Kat Niven)
Broken Orfan
Bunni’s Second Life
Horror’s Journey
Emily Marik
Rekka Whiteberry
Amelie Seul

Nesters & Cavers SL blogs that deals with Home & Garden

Editorial Clarity
Moos Hulcrantz (Flickr)
Neva – How Neva Sees It
(K) Battle Scars
Second Spaces
The Randomness of a Randomner
Home on The Grid
Simply Dou
Casa de Smurf
Annan Adored
Carthalis Rossini
Rezzing Dreams
Moka’s Way

pixelsAll the fashionable people! You want to mesh-eyegouge them out of pure jealousy, and steal their SL wardrobe.

Strawberry Singh
Harlow Heslop
Alex & Hero
Amelie Seul
My Virtual Fashion in Second Life – Melinda
A Cozey Second Life
{K}iss {K}iss
A View on my Inventory (Wild Bedrosian)
Pics by Pip
Melroo’s Place
Elemiah Choche
Venus in Fur
Carol’s Style
False Mirrors
Inspire Your Look
Harmony Sandalphon
Pixel Pantomime
Simply Dou
Moka’s Way
SL Wanderer
Kidman’s Palette
Six Nine Two Four
I Will Fear no Evil


Because SL Men Fashion need more lovin’, and SL girls need more pervin’.

Chance Raynier
(K) Battle Scars
Male Fashion 101
Pixel Phasion for Men


The SL metaverse adventurers and grid explorers

Millions Happy Ending
Ziki Questi
Honour McMillan
Beauty (Flickr)
Cait’s World


The SL journalists and reporters: they are aware, they are informed and they get to the bottom of things.

New World Notes
Inara Pey – LIving in a Modemworld
Daniel Voyager
Jo Yardley


These are non-SL people that I follow. Mostly writers and artists.

300 Stories – He is on a mission to write 300 stories with 300 words this year. Very interesting!
Life Through a Lens – Photographer
Christian Mihai
a little bird tweets
Adam Robert Young
Interesting Literature
Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas – his art is pure awesome.
Shawn L. Bird 
Chester Maynes


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