Review Policy

Hello and thank you for flattering me with your thoughts. 🙂 The priority of this blog is Home & Garden in Second Life. Homestuff is my RL passion and 90% of my SL revolves around it.

However, I’m not actively accepting/seeking review copies. I work full-time in RL, in addition to meshing for my own store and managing several projects in SL. Time is my biggest enemy and I do not want to spend what recreational time I have feeling obligated. I cannot promise to blog items on time or even at all.

I used to blog regularly for a small number of brands: you can find them on my sidebar. Most of my decorating will incorporate items from them. They will always come first because I used to blog for my favouritest brands. Favouritest is a word in my blogkingdom, mmkay? XD

To explain why some items from the same brand are marked and unmarked: some of them still send me copies randomly, some are friends and they share their creations, and some I still support heavily by buying. Items given are marked as such.

I will not blog for events officially. Not even the ones I run or help run. This blog is purely recreational and for my enjoyment and I intend to keep it that way — I don’t decorate under obligation.

Thank you for understanding. ❤


Penny for your thoughts?

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