Remembering Amy

Remembering Amy

 Forest Canopy Bed – Alouette 

Medieval Candle (Style 2)- Alouette

“Komorebi” garden tree sunshine/sunbeam – Capriccio

Landscape & set-up: The Bay

LOTW logo taken from LOTW event page, run by Arora Zanzibar.

Amy, known as Scarlet Chandrayaan in SL, passed away from cancer today. She was one of my favourite H&G creator. She has always been kind to me, as to many others. She was a beautiful soul.

My heart goes out to all her loved ones.

This pic was set-up @ The Bay (VIP membership for rezz rights). I’m not sure if it will be returned soon, but left it rezzed there for now. The Bay has set landing, but you should be able to find this area at coords 192,65,19. The location is marked as Adult.

Share your memories or kind words
♥ There’s a black ribbon at Alouette store, for anyone who would like to drop NC and/or textures. Kind words, your memories of her, condolences note…whatever you want. Or you can drop it to Brennie Slade inworld.

♥ A Tumblr set up to share stories about her.

♥ There will be a memorial on Sunday, May 24th (2-4pm SLT). I’m not sure if it’s an official memorial. It will be held at Alouette store.

♥ There’s an FB event page set-up for a vigil. I don’t use FB much so I don’t know how this works, but for those of you interested, here’s the link.

Thank you for your kindness, Amy.

Rest in peace.

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